Just a comment on the (obsolete) LAMP stack

Yeah, we all know the LAMP expression is kinda outdated by now but still I ran into this piece.
It says the LAMP is more or less symbolic these days and that the "A" is the only thing left. I beg to differ though.

The choices of web servers for deploying web applications have never been greater. I see Apache being replaced by Lighttpd and nginx all the time by large and small players alike.

Yes the LAMP is mere symbolic these days if even that. The different components in a deployment stack is pretty diverse today and depending on the size of your deploy (traffic, data, etc) you might be using a very different stack. (Think in terms of things like Varnish, memcached and other stuff that has found its place in today's extended stack.)

Todays stack is more like a stack of LEGO
Todays web stack is more like a stack of LEGO bricks...

I am also pleased to see that MySQL no longer is the given choice for developing web applications. The knowledge of the ordinary web developer seems to have finally been extended to include the idea that there are other database systems and that there are no golden database to suit/solve all your needs. (Of course I would choose PostgreSQL over MySQL anyday if the choice was between them. I don't have any strong argument for using MySQL in any situation anymore.)
I'm very glad this enlightment has finally started to be come common knowledge. It's simple, it's just like with anything else: Choose the right tool for the job. (Otherwise everything will start look like nails...)


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