Quick understanding of HBase

In an article at High Scalability this article explaining HBase on a conceptual level was referenced. It's a very good starting point for understanding the basic concept of HBase (and BigTable) and it's no more than a five minute read.

Finally a real world webservice that enterprises can use to save money

Meet the Meeting Ticker.

"No to SQL"

Every time I see something or hear something like this I sigh a little bit. Not only when it's related to SQL but in the world of computer professionals in general. "The right tool for the job" seems to be a hard concept to understand sometimes. I wonder why?

When you choose a tool there will be pros and cons. Every time. Understand that and you will understand that picking a tool for a job i not about "saying no" or yes to something. If you want to say no or yes go join some political movement/party/whatever.

Would I choose a RDBMS for all of my database needs? Of course not! It all depends on the project. Is the data sensitive? What about integrity? Atomic operations? Type of data? Accessability? Number of users? The number of questions you have to decide on are many and starting by saying "No to SQL" is a pretty darn stupid. In my book that only proves that you do not understand what you're talking about. Trying to argue that X and Y is storing Z amount of data without using SQL only supports the lack of understanding. (Asking "why" X and Y is doing it that way on the other hand is a very good thing.)

Update: The ongoing discussion at ycombinator just shows how silly these kind of "debates" are.

Update 2: High Scalability have also noticed It Must be Crap on Relational Dabases Week.

PostgreSQL 8.4 released

Spread the word, PostgreSQL 8.4 is out!

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