pgbouncer and postgresql 9.0

Just ran into the issue with "Pooler Error: Unknown startup parameter" when connecting to PostgreSQL 9.0 using pgbouncer. A quick search turned up the following discussion pointing out that adding ignore_startup_parameters = application_name resolves the issue.

Reviewing PostgreSQL Admin 9.0 Cookbook

I was asked by Likesh Bhambhwani to review the PostgreSQL Admin 9.0 Cookbook written by Simon Riggs and Hannu Krosing. It will no doubt be an interesting read.

Review will be posted as soon as I'm done!

New hg repo from subdir

It's a joy when tools just work.

I needed to create a new repository from a subdir of another repository while preserving history. Since I'm pretty new to mercurial and was not sure there was a clean way of doing this.

After a quick search and a couple of tests I found out that convert was the thing to use. (It works with a lot of other SCM tools too.)

  1. Init the new repo
  2. Create a filemap
  3. Run convert

The filemap is just a text file with files to include or exclude. In my case I need just to include the subdir I wanted. There was a small gottcha here since I once had renamed the subdir. I needed to include the previous name in the filemap to preserve the entire history.

$ hg convert --filemap filemap /path/to/src/repo /path/to/new/repo             

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