EnterpriseDB + Red Hat = <3

This press release from Reuters about Red Hat investing in EnterpriseDB is great news.

Since Red Hat once manage to bring Linux to the room of Enterprise IT I'm hoping this would increase the acceptance of PostgreSQL adoption in the Enterprise world. We all know how slowly the Enterprise wheels are turning... :)

Postat av: Leandro GFC DUTRA

You mean ðe commercial wheels. I know of no oðer DBMS developing ſo faſt.

2009-10-27 @ 17:23:18
URL: http://dutras.blogspot.com/
Postat av: roppert

@Leandro: Yes, I was not talking about the development of PostgreSQL but the acceptance of its use in the corporate world.

2009-10-27 @ 17:46:57

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