The Manga Guide to Databases!

Thanks Josh Berkus for hinting about The Manga Guide to Databases! Just placed my order for a copy of this must have. :-D

Postat av: Mariuz

Ok i have already ordered it from amazon
I wish we had more books like thouse
I think i saw some linux/apache books in manga style but i don't remember where.
also there is the classic poignant guide ruby
we have some great artists/designers at work maybe i should work with them for an firebird book

2009-02-28 @ 16:06:51
Postat av: roppert

Yeah, I think it's a great way of explaining complexed things. Make it fun and the knowledge will stick. :) Don't know if I'll pick up anything I already know from this one but I can sure use it to initiate others into the wonderful world of databases.

2009-02-28 @ 17:06:03

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